Nov 01, 2022

Translational Research

In ProTarget, serial fresh tumor biopsies and liquid biopsies, containing circulating tumor-DNA (ctDNA), are mandatory and collected for extensive translational research. The samples will be analyzed using whole genome sequencing, array analysis, and RNA sequencing methods and may reveal new diagnostic, prognostic and predictive biomarkers. These extensive molecular investigations, combined with prospective clinical data, are expected to provide a deeper understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying the effect of targeted treatments and why resistance develops.

For each drug, the trial is expected to provide answers to essential questions such as:

  • Can we identify distinctive biomarkers, or refined biomarker profiles, in the tumor that predict response or lack of response to targeted treatments?
  • How does the molecular tumor genome evolve over time when targeted treatment is used?
  • What are the resistance mechanisms, and how do they evolve?
  • Are we able to detect tumor progression/drug resistance earlier by monitoring ctDNA?

In addition to providing data for answering these questions, and many more, the ProTarget trial will also pave the road towards new hypotheses and research projects within the field, leading to essential new knowledge and further development of precision oncology.