Sep 01, 2022

The Danish National Molecular Tumor Board presented at the Danish Cancer Research Days, 2022

In august 2022, The Danish National Molecular Tumor Board (DN-MTB) was presented by poster at the Danish Cancer Research Days by ProTarget-investigator Martin Højgaard. The main purpose of DN-MTB is to advise on targeted treatments to cancer patients based on their individual molecular profile. DN-MTB was first established in 2013 as a local multidisciplinary collaboration at Rigshospitalet and has since then evolved to a national molecular tumor board covering seven cancer centers across Denmark. The poster describes the infrastructure and organization of the board, the variety of applied genomic pipelines as well as the number of evaluated tumor profiles, which is rapidly increasing.

Potential candidates for the ProTarget trial must have their drug-variant-match confirmed by the DN-MTB before inclusion. The DN-MTB thereby plays a pivotal role in ProTarget.

Thanks to Martin Højgaard and all co-authors for presenting the important work going on in the DN-MTB.

See the poster pdf