Feb 28, 2023

ProTarget is happy to be an active partner in PCM4EU, which is a EU4H (EU for Health) project consortium recently launched

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death and morbidity in the EU with 3,7M new cases each year. Personalised Cancer Medicine (PCM) is an emerging approach with the potential to beat this disease. However, the success of PCM depends on access to adequate molecular diagnostics and access to PCM trials to move towards implementation. Currently, there is inequality in access to PCM between and within EU countries.

The PCM4EU consortium aims to improve the survival and quality of life of cancer patients in the EU using PCM based on best practices. The PCM4EU consortium has a track record on implementation of molecular diagnostics coupled with academically led drug repurposing PCM trials across borders in countries in North-western Europe. These effectively function as a PCM “implementation device” and aim to broaden access to drugs in the existing PCM trials while growing the European reach of the network. As PCM is based on targeting driver mutations in the tumour, adequate next-generation sequencing-based molecular diagnostics and clinical decision support systems are crucial. This consortium will evaluate current standards and will provide best practice guidelines and recommendations on state-of-the-art genomics diagnostics, implementation and interpretation.

Also, through harmonisation and collaboration, the consortium will facilitate mechanisms for interpretation of molecular and clinical data, thereby anticipating the benefits of the upcoming European Health Data Space. Cohorts of patients with rare mutations/tumour types can be filled simultaneously in multiple countries to obtain faster answers. Cross-border access to PCM is one of the focus points of this consortium.

Last but not least, facilitating implementation of the results into the healthcare system in a cost-effective way for future patients and providing education for all stakeholders, including physicians, pathologists, patients and decision makers are crucial aspects that will be taken forward.

The objectives within the project are:

  1. To strengthen the PCM network within the EU
  2. To increase knowledge and standardisation of NGS-based tests and CDSS to be used for PCM.
  3. To upscale the access to PCM within the current countries and in new countries using the DRUP-like model.
  4. To disseminate current knowledge concerning molecular testing, CDSS and PCM implementation in the countries participating in this application
  5. To facilitate cross-border access to genomic testing and PCM.
  6. To increase and get up-to-date knowledge on molecular testing, CDSS, cross-border access to PCM and PCM implementation.

The #PCM4EU consortium kick-started the project “Personalised Cancer Medicine for all EU citizens in Leiden on January 18-19 2023. Partners from 15 countries are enthusiastic to get the work started and some got to meet at the start-up meeting this week.